Hello, my name is Nissa Amanda, buy I usually call myself Amanda. I was born in Bandung, September 16th 2000. Now I live in Parahyangan Rumah Vila B-105, Bandung. I study in 3 Senior High School Bandung. I’m 15 this year.

I have father, mother, and one younger sister. My father’s name is Isak Adhariady. He was a student of 3 Senior High School too. My mother’s name is Kelly Damayanti. She is very beautiful. My little sister’s name is Nisrina Elhidaiya. She is a student of elementary school. I love all of them.

My favorite food is fried chicken and fries. My favorite beverage is mineral water. My favorite things are Disney, Marvel, music, movies, fast wi-fi (everyone’s favorite thing), cozy place to sleep, and some amazing books.

I like to play music instruments, such as keyboard and guitar. I also like to sing. But I think I don’t sing really well, I need to learn more how to sing really well. I love to watch movie and sleep. I don’t have any favorite movie because I like many good movies. If someone doesn’t wake me up, I can sleep more than 15 hours. I like Korean cultures, music, food, and language. I really love Kpop. I love to learn foreign languages. I can speak English (of course), Korean, a little Japanese and Chinese.

I’m a cat lover, so are my father and my sister. We take care of cats in our house. We have two cats, their name is Sapi and Owy. They both are boys. Sapi is older than Owy. They are very lovely.

I want to be a doctor, because I want to help many people. I like designing things, for example house and clothes, so I want to have my own fashion brand or to be an architect. Actually I have so many dreams. I want to be musician, translator, movie star, and also movie producers. I want to continue study in University of Indonesia (UI) or Bandung Technology Institute (ITB), but more importantly I want to have a scholarship to study abroad.


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