Virgi: “Hello, how was your day, Manda?”

Amanda: “It was great, and you?”

Virgi: “I’m great too. Hey, your watch looks amazing! Where do you get it?”

Amanda: “Oh really? Thanks! I bought it with my mom yesterday from a store nearly here.”

Virgi: “What colors are available, Manda?”

Amanda: “There is a pink color! Do you also want to buy it?”

Virgi: “Pink? Of course! Can you take me to that store, please?”

Amanda: “Sure, let’s go!

Virgi: “Wow, the watches are amazing. I really love this pink watch!”

Amanda: “The pink watch really suits you well, Virgi! Let’s have the same but different color of watch.”

Virgi: “Okay, I’m going to pay for this first. Then let’s go home!”

Amanda: “See you tomorrow Virgi! And have a nice day ahead!”

Virgi: “You too!”


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