My school had an annual event, it was art, food, and cultures festival. This year, the name of our school’s art, food, and culture festival was Gamarvani. Gamarvani means trip to the moon. Gama was the trip and Parvani was the Moon. This name was related to West java folk named Nyi Anteh. The story told us about the friendship between the Queen named Endahwarni and her lady-in-waiting Anteh. The mission of Gamarvani was to show the cultures of West Java to the young generation of Indonesia, especially in Bandung.


The committee was built 3 months or more before the day. When I was on my third weeks of school, there was an open recquitment for 3’2018 committee. I joined as the committee with my friends. When we first joined, we were still the committee candidates. We got a mission to make a contract with some trending café such as LOL, Roti Gempol, Es Kabut Salju, etc. We should invite them to open a stand on food festival, and we did it! Since we could do the mission, we were accepted as Gamarvani committee. The leader of committee was Muhammad Ababil Ahram and the co-leader was Aditya Nugraha.

Day by day, my friends and I worked hard for Gamarvani. I was a committee in decoration division. My friends and I worked hard to decorate the Bali Field. We made an artificial tunnel and lampions. There was another division, such as publication division, field division, event division, and consumption, transportation, and logistic division. We worked hard to make our festival went success. And our hard work was paid. The day, September 19th 2015, Gamarvani was held successfully. There was some cultures communities stands, 15 food stands, 7 foodtrucks, performances from cultures communities, SMA Negeri 3’s music clubs, and guest stars performance. We had Adera and Hivi as the guest stars.

There was a pra-event of Gamaravni, it was parade. We wore West Java traditional clothes and we also invited BPI Elementary School to join the parade.

The open gate of Gamarvani was at 10 a.m. When we entered the gate, there was an artificial tunnel. Inside the tunnel was a story of Nyi Anteh that was told by drawings and some stuffs. After getting out from the tunnel, we could see the venue. The venue was filled by community stands, food stands and trucks, and street vendor stands. For street vendors, the food was sold by free!

The cultures communities showed angklung, wayang, and so on. The food stands and trucks consisted of trending and delicious foods. I ate a delicious chicken by Wingz o Wingz. Then I ate an ice cream with cotton candy by Es Kabut Salju. I also ate a rice box with chicken on top by Bite Box and drank chocolate milkshake by Ultra Milk Bar.

I also met my best friend on junior high school. We hang around after a long time no see. We ate together, watched TST performance together, and played around. We also took a photo together with Gamarvani stage as the background.

this is me with my best friend!

this is me with my best friend!

And then as we waited for, the guest stars performances time was up! The first one was from Adera. But when we did check sound, it took a lightly long time. To fill the emptiness, there was a performance from Lightning Entertainment. After that, Adera was really really really performing! He sang a few songs with his amazing voice. He could bring the audiences into his song, giving us a sad atmosphere since some of his songs are a gloomy song. In the end of Adera’s performance, he sang the happy one, which is named “Lebih Indah”.


After Adera, we waited impatiently for HiVi performance. They were the most waited guest star, I think. Then the super guest star was here! They came up on the stage with their cheerful song. We jumped along as we sang together with them. They were all amazing. The boys are handsome and Dea, the only girl in the group is very cute! Her cute and high-pitch voice suits with Ilham’s soft voice. By the way, I was very happy because I could see Ilham in real life. For me, he was very handsome.


The encore of HiVi was “Dari Mata Ke Hati”. We jumped and sang along with them until we got very tired. They said thank you and bowed to us, then went back to the backstage. I was very tired. My foot felt hurts because I didn’t sit for a long moment that day. I went home quickly so I could go to sleep faster.

Gamarvani was ended successfully. Even though we were all exhausted, we felt very very excited, satisfied and touched because we could overcome the obstacles which came before the show and finally, the festival was held without any failure. It was one of my best experience!


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