My Not-So-Long Vacation

Last holiday was a Christmas and New Year holiday. I fortunately didn’t have to attend short semester because I had passed the test with good grades. But my vacation started a week before the end of holiday because the hotels were fully booked.

My mom and my aunty decided taking us to Ciater. It was located on Subang. We went there on Sunday morning, 9 a.m. We rode our cars there. The trip was fun but a bit boring. It was really crowded. Lembang was always crowded when holiday. Not even Lembang, I think the whole Bandung was incurably crowded that time.

We entered the Ciater Spa and Resort, but we weren’t satisfied by its service and location. So we were looking for the other hotel and resort. I even asked some recommendation my friend who had lived in Subang before. Then we’ve finally got to Sariater Hotel and Resort. It was big, clean, cozy, and had many hot pools. For me and my family, it was much better than the previous resort.

After booked some rooms, we walked around the resort. We went to the pool, the restaurant, the bungalows, and even to the playground. We took some photos there. Even though it was a resort, the scenery was awesome. Here is a photo of me.


We went back to the room because we were tired of walking around and it was raining. I fell asleep until 8 p.m. I took a bath and ate some dinner my mom bought when I was sleeping. We stayed still at our room that night.

The next day, I woke up a bit late. My mom brought me to the mini waterfall called curug in Sundanese. It was a warm waterfall. I soaked my legs for more or less 20 minutes. Then we went back to the hotel because it was our time to check out. I still wanted to stay but my grandmother didn’t like being here so we should go home today.


Before going home, we decided to go to Farmhouse. It was a place designed with European styles, more like The Hobbit series. There was a Hobbit House just like the original one. I took some photos there because that was a great place to take a picture. I played with some animals there too. I fed a rabbit before I went home. And the special thing from Farmhouse was the milk! The milk was fresh and sweet. I liked chocolate milk the best.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetAfter that, we were back to our home. I felt happy even though I was a bit disappointed because of the short vacation. I hope the next holiday would be much greater than this. See you on the next holiday!