Greetings, people!

So I wrote a new post and this contains educational thingy. I will tell you my perspective about education in Indonesia and in foreign countries. It also based on my friend’s experience who had gone studying abroad.

The first thing is the subjects we are studying. In Indonesia, we have to study about 13 subjects according to our program (science, social, or language) and at least two cross-program subject in grade ten or one in grade eleven. Science program studies about the main subjects like Religion, Indonesia Language, General Math, Sport, History, Civil, Art, and the science subjects like Optional Math, Biology, Physic, and Chemistry. Social program also studies the main subjects and the social subjects just like Optional History, Economy, Sociology, and Geography. At my school, there isn’t a language program. Language program occasionally studies about the main subjects and the language subjects such as Indonesia Language and Culture, Anthropology, English Language and Culture, and random foreign language (usually it’s Germany or Japanese).

The cross program subject is called “Lintas Minat”. For example, if we are a student from science program, we should choose one subject from social program and the remaining one from language. You can choose both from social or language. When you are in grade eleven, you can choose one between the subjects you had taken in grade ten.

And I think this rules and system are not too effective for us, the student. Because not all of us have an interest with all of science, social, or language subjects. For example; when someone taking a science program doesn’t mean he likes Physics. He takes the science program because he wants to be a doctor, so he can dedicate his senior high school life to study Biology and Chemistry. But he also have to study Physics and he believes that Physics have no prospect for a doctor.

In other countries, such as USA and Australia, we can choose which subjects we want to study. They aren’t limited to exact studies. We can study theatre, fine arts, sports, media, etc. the system can make us, the students, study effectively based on our interests and future dream.

Second, how school embrace the ability and uniqueness of each students. In Indonesia, it’s not always but it happens occasionally, a student with higher score in academic is appreciated more than a student who win the national soccer league. The cleverness is standardized by how high we can get a score on paperwork or exams, not by each other’s ability. When a student get a bad score for his academic doesn’t mean he is stupid. He probably has an amazing talent in sport, and still he has to study harder for his academic subjects. But when it comes to a student with high academic talent, it doesn’t matter whether he can sing or no, he isn’t pushed to sing well. I think it’s a little bit unfair, because academic doesn’t always determine someone’s cleverness.  It impacts to student morality. In order to get a high score in academic subject, they cheat. It happens in some foreign countries, too. They are also strict to academic subjects.

But some countries do the opposite. For example, in Australia, each students are appreciated for their talent. They let the students do whatever they want and dedicated. They allow the student who have achieved certain achievement to put the badge on their uniform as a symbol of pride.

So that was the two points of my opinion about education in Indonesia and in foreign countries. Each system has its good and its bad. What we may think it’s bad, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. From other perspective, it can be the good one.

Thank you for reading!


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